Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Using Ajax Technology & RadControls with MOSS 2007 Site

In this post we will take about how to Enable Ajax and Use RadControls in your sharepoint site.

*) Enable Ajax in your Sharepoint Site :

Two ways to do it.

First way:

This way will enable Ajax 3.5 in your sharepoint site using VS 2008.
  • Open Vistual Studio 2008.
  • Go to File --> Open --> Web Site
  • Browes to your MOSS 2007 site location, for example :

supposing your site's port number is 90.

  • Upgrade message will appear asking you for updating your site from .Net Framework 2.0 to .Net Framework 3.5.

  • Click Yes to Upgrade your site to .Net Framework 3.5
  • Open web.config file and you will see the changes that you need for enableing Ajax into your site automatically there .

Second way :

In this way we will follow the normal way to enabel Ajax in any ASP.NET application.(manually).

Note : if you choose to install AJAX 3.5 , you have to replace the assembly version from Version=1.0.61025.0 to Version=

*) Using RadControls in MOSS 2007 Site.

To use RadControls in MOSS 2007 site , follow the following steps.

  • Open your MOSS 2007 Site with VS 2005 , 2008.


supposing your site's port number is 90.

  • Add RadControls to your ToolBox using Telerik.Web.UI.dll file.
  • Create new ASPX page inside a folder for example MyPage folder.
  • Test RadControls by Drag and Drop a Script Manager OR RadScriptManager and RadAjaxManager OR RadUpdatePanel to your page and any other RadControls.

Note : Till this moment, if you test your page from the browser, you will get a security exception becos RadControls should run under a Full Trust.

  • deploy Telerik.Web.UI.dll assembly into the GAC and everything will work fine

enjoy :)


Mohammed Barakat Kharboush

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